Made Collagen

For a nicer skin and better health!


The most advanced method for health and skin care up to date. Made Collagen are based on PRM method, which included Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Nutritions and Cell Therapy. Made Collagen helps getting healthier and nicer skin naturally!

Anti aging serum and lotion for healthy skin!



Our Anti-Aging regenerative program for face and body contains  nucleotides, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E.Scientific proved studies had led Plinest Care products to one of the 1st chosen brand for effective skin care products. Plinest Care supplies cell skin with nutritions needed  to build new tissue, increase turgidity and hydration. Helps skin look nicer and younger. Regularly use of Plinest Care will keep your skin fully vital and healthy!

NATUR 2 3 4 5

Homeopathic skin care

NATUR 2 3 4 5

Natur 2 3 4 5 Homeopathic skin care products are made for sensitive skin and need a spacial care.

Based on natural safe ingredients such vitamins, minerals and cell therapy was processed trough world best safety Homeopathic method, makes Natur 2 3 4 5 to be an essential products for those, who are looking for safe natural skin care products suitable for sensitive skin and need spacial care.



The 3 Bs magic!

1. B - BLOCK ! Go SLEND is able to block fat from absorption and prevent fat to get in to blood stream and deposit as fat tissue in our body!

2. B - BURN! GO SLEND is helping to burn old fat deposit in our body and help getting slimmer.

3. B - BLINK! GO SLEND is helping to enhance our body to rejuvenate itself and getting your and tighter skin. Helps skin to get glowing!